Sonophoresis Infusion

sonophoresis infusion at Reveal Skin and Body

What is Sonophoresis?
The skin provides a barrier, mainly through lipids (oils) between skin cells. Sonophoresis uses ultrasound vibration to disrupt the barrier, helping in transdermal delivery of topical skin treatments. Sonophoresis allows increased penetration of topical vitamins, creams and serums. It allows for rapid and intense absorption of important topical ingredients (including vitamins A, C, skin lighteners and appearance of skin health and age).

How does it work?
Sonophoresis uses ultrasound vibration to momentarily create little spaces in the outer layers of the skin, by disrupting the barrier, allowing greater absorption of applied product. The infusion technique and associated ingredient application will improve the appearance of the skin, improving pigmentation, skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles.

Why should I have Sonophoresis?
* Increase skin suppleness and glow
* Visible results immediately after treatment
* Quicker results than using home-care alone
* Refreshes appearance naturally
* No downtime associated with this procedure
* Can be combined with other procedures eg. peel, microdermabrasion, facial massage
* Pigmentation, melasma
* Fine lines and wrinkles
* Aging skin