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Henna Brow

Henna Brow is a 5-step treatment to longer lasting and beautiful brow colour. Think of it as both a facial and colour for your brows. Henna is a natural plant pigment from the Hina tree making it perfect for sensitive skin types. It’s also less intense and permanent than micro-blading with zero pain and downtime, while also strengthening the hair.

Lasting 2-4, weeks this spa treatment system will not only colour the brow hair but hold the skin stain.

  • It lasts up to twice as long as traditional brow colour/tint
  • The colour result – vibrant, strong and multi-tonal
  •  Better care for your brows

Lash Lift

Make your eyes pop utilizing your natural lash with our revolutionary one shot lash lift where results are longer lasting (results can vary, but generally 6-8 weeks) and require no maintenance. The revolutionary silicon pad technique used in a lash lift means the lashes are straightened out and then lifted, without compromising on length. It completely negates any need for a traditional eyelash curler, and can curl even the most stubborn lashes.


Nail Recovery Treatment

An intensive treatment to restore optimum health and appearance to your natural nails. After a warm gentle removal of your polish, your nails will be soaked to soften the cuticles before tidying them. Faby’s Laquering Gel Zero is applied and cured with a LED light. Zero will infuse your nails with calcium, vitamins E  and B5 while it strenthens, revives and renews your nails.

Coming Soon!

11th April - IPL Hair Removal and Photo-Rejuvenation
18th April - Derma-needling

Let us know if there is any other treatments that you are looking for that we could research.