Who We Are

Reveal believes that happiness is the result of feeling good about yourself. From the transformational benefits of our services to the powerful skin care products we stand behind, everything we do is geared to our intention of helping you celebrate your beauty.


We are serious about skincare. Our expertise comes from years of experience, not to mention that all of our therapist are Registered NZ Beauty Therapists. We work hard to have a deep understanding of individual skin and body care and are sure to deliver it with a smile.

Be Confident

Part of the happiness equation is confidence. That’s why feeling good about yourself is so vitally important. We are dedicated to giving you the tools to help you get that confidence. Every little bit helps, right? That’s why we never overpromise, because that’s a recipe for disappointment. We say what we do and do what we say. You see, everything we do is to help you celebrate your beautiful self.

Be Well.

We believe that true happiness is based on the achievement of well-being. When you look and feel great, that leads to happiness. That’s why we look beyond just your skin because it’s what’s inside that counts. Remember? That’s why in our spa, we listen because we care about your well-being. And that’s why the products we sell keep delivering that at home. Throughout, we encourage proper diet and exercise, stress management (breathe!!!) and encourage you to do your best to have a positive outlook on life.

Be Happy.

We believe that in many ways happiness is a choice. It’s just like your closet. You can choose a white shirt or a black shirt, just as you can choose to be happy or sad. Yeah, sometimes it’s that easy. And, sometimes it’s not. But we believe you’ll lead a better life being mindful of your positivity. That’s why unlike other spas Reveal is fun, colorful and tasty. Your happy place