Sunless Spray Tans

Norvell Sunless Spray Tan, Revela Skin & Body Papamoa East
Sunless Spray Tan December Beauty Special

Norvell provides an immediate beautiful bronze tan that not only looks good, but is formulated with a skin firming blend that builds and restores the skin’s matrix.  It is this proprietary blend that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for skin that feels good, and looks great.


Created with a natural DHA, Norvell provides flawless results for a broad spectrum of skin shades and types. No matter who you are, you are just moments away from the tan you desire.


Norvell guarantees a fast drying, non-sticky and streak-free formula. You may not realize how important these three things are until you try a product that doesn’t have them.  Trust us on this one – you’ll thank us.


Norvell’s perfectly blended formulas crush the competition and eliminate the worry of looking orange. Meticulously crafted utilizing color theory, Norvell solutions provide Just off the Beach™ color without the typical tanning salon odor.


With Norvell, and proper maintenance, you can expect 5-7 days of a gorgeous glow and an even color fade.

Prepare for your Spray Tan

   Hydration is important to remedy dry patches or areas of your skin that will absorb the spray tanning solution more than others: This means drinks lots of water and moisturize skin days leading up to your appointment. REMEMBER: no lotion on skin the day of appointment.  Clean skin (free of all perfumes, deodorant, make-up, lotion or moisturizer) is key to a successful airbrush tan.

   Shower & exfoliate your entire body prior to your spray tanning appointment: this helps to remove dead skin cells and get your skin in the best condition to receive the spray tan. Scrub your entire body with the exfoliator product and loofah. 

   Shave or wax all needed areas 24 hours prior to tanning. This will also remove dead skin and will do the same if done after your tan, thus shave BEFORE your spray tan appointment.

   Clean Skin: Do not apply make-up, deodorant/antiperspirant, lotion or perfume prior to spray tan session. We are often asked “what if I come straight from work for my appointment?” The answer: quick shower to remove all of these products from the skin to achieve the BEST airbrush tanning results. These chemicals may interfere with the tanning process.

   Bring loose, dark clothing to wear home to avoid the airbrush tanning solution from staining your clothes. Bring a hair tie to pull hair up off back and face. Plan to not put on anything constricting or tight right after your airbrush tan.

Aftercare of your Spray Tan

   Water is not your friend (well..only when it comes to the first 8 hours..that is).  Avoid water until you take your first shower minimum 5 – 6 hours after your spray tan is applied. This includes pedicures/manicures, doing the dishes, rainy day, bathing the kids or dog, etc. One drop and your airbrush tan will come off on that spot! THIS ONLY APPLIES TO THE FIRST SHOWER. This means if you get your spray tan 6:00pm or later, you will wait to take your first shower in the morning. It is recommended that your first shower be a lukewarm rinse. Key things to remember to get the most life out of your tan: less hot showers, chlorine from hot tubs/swimming pool, scrubbing the skin, harsh soaps.  Good thing to remember: pat your skin dry with a towel and moisturize your skin thoroughly after each shower.  I’m going to say it again…..Moisturize!

   If you go into the sun, use sunscreen. Your tan does not have SPF and will not protect your skin. Stay out of the sun immediately after spray tanning - at least 5-6 hours, until you have showered and applied sunscreen.

   If you go do sports, take care of your tan. Eg. Cycling – turn up the bottom of cycling shorts to avoid a ring appearing. Beware of wetsuits and booties when snorkeling, surfing, diving and participating in triathlons. You tan is in the first few layers of skin and sports that use equipment/clothing that rub on your skin may mean loss of colour in these areas.

   Do not workout the day of your airbrush tanning appointment. If you do make sure you are completely cooled down (3-4 hours). Avoid sweating all day if possible or at least until you have had your first shower. This means time your work out several hours (or day) before your spray tan.

   No physical contact (wink, wink) until after your 1st shower and also do not exfoliate until you are ready for your next Spray Tanning appointment.