Caring For Winter Skin

As winter sets in, the colder weather can wreak havoc on skin, both on the face and body. It gets dry, flaky and can sometimes even crack, which can be painful or itchy. With months to go until the spring thaw, it’s time to take a solid look at our skin-care regimens and fine-tune as needed. 

Exfoliate Without Overdoing It

It’s no surprise that winter can wreak havoc on a glowing complexion, and while using peels or glycolic acid serums may seem like a quick fix to revive dull skin, Overdoing it actually can disrupt the skin barrier and lead to red, blotchy, stinging skin. Instead, aim to gently exfoliate no more than twice a week to avoid unnecessary inflammation and any disturbance in the surface microbiome.  The perfect solution to exfoliate with this winter is Ultra Dual Microfoliant. This multi-tasking formula is designed to effectively remove surface residue and impurities while imparting absorbable pure Vitamin C to the skin epidermis to provide maximum benefits. Leaves the skin looking visibly refined, smooth, polished and more luminous in appearance. Synthetic fragrance-free.


Layer Your Skin Care

When it comes to boosting hydration for winter try a two-step layering technique: serum, then moisturizer. Highly concentrated serums are designed to penetrate deeper into the skin, fast-tracking ingredients like peptides and antioxidants, while creams seal in the moisture.  If your skin is already showing signs of dehydration this combination can give real visible results quickly. Book a Skin Journey Consultation today and see which serum and moisturiser would work best for your skin. 


Use Sunscreen Year-Round

While SPF may be an integral step in your routine during the warmer months, it’s just as vital to continue wearing a layer of protection well past summer. UV rays are present all year round, UVA rays, in particular, are the ones that do all of the damage when it comes to premature ageing.  Coola’s Mineral Sport SPF 30 Citrus Mimosa Moisturiser is a multi-tasking miracle that protects your skin while also helping boost its own natural defences against the sun. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive, this water-resistant, non-greasy cream infuses skin with antioxidants, vitamins, and hydrating ingredients to keep it soft, smooth, and shielded.


What Goes In Still Affects the Skin

When it’s colder outside and we are stuck indoors we might tend binge on comfort foods, sweets and alcohol, while also neglecting to drink as much water as we should. Take note that increased amounts of sugar can take a toll on the complexion and even cause long-term glycation which is when sugar molecules bind to the collagen and elastic fibres in the skin. Triggering free radicals, the process can lead to breakouts or rosacea. Not feeling hot or thirsty can lead us to neglect our water intake, be sure to get your recommended amount in each day and even boost it a bit to help with dehydration. Alcohol can also contribute to dehydration so be sure to up the water intake as you imbibe. If you’re going to drink choose red wine. It’s lower in sugar and has resveratrol, which is anti-ageing. We’ll toast, in moderation, to that.