Replenish | Top 5 Reasons To Get A Spray Tan


Confused about spray tanning?

If you’re in two minds about booking your spray tan we can help! With year’s of industry experience under our belt, the experts at Reveal know everything there is to know about the benefits of spray tanning.

Take a look at these top five reasons to get tanned today:

  1. You’ll feel good. Once your tan is set you’ll feel amazing about your skin and your body confidence will skyrocket. The moisturising ingredients in our special spray tan formula will feed your dry skin and replenish it with a hydrating blend of natural substances – they smell amazing and they’ve been created to allow colour development to occur quickly. As simple as it sounds, you will feel great when you look great, so seize the moment and book today.
  2. You’ll hide your blemishes. A well-applied spray tan can hide light scars and, in some cases, cover up stretch marks. If you apply some bronzer over the areas that need camouflaging a little more, you’ll be left with perfect sun-kissed skin.
  3. You’ll look slimmer. The colour of the spray tan can work like contouring. That means your arms look leaner and your stomach appears toned. The parts of your body that you like can be enhanced by layering up applications and the areas that you don’t like can be disguised.
  4. All year round colour. You can achieve a streak-free tan at any time of the year if you opt for a sunless tanning session! No matter whether it’s snowing, raining or hailing outside you can look like you’ve just returned from a holiday in a sunny setting.
  5. It’s safe. The ingredients in our spray tanning formulas are non-toxic, which means you can apply them to the skin without worrying about the after effects. You will never have to be concerned about skin cancer or other illnesses that are related to overexposure to the sun.

If you'd like to read more about our spray tans and some before and aftercare, go here.

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