Why See A Reveal Skin & Body Skin Expert

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We believe strongly in continuing education! 

Do you remember when you first started to pay attention to your skin?

Everyone remembers those frustrating mornings as a teenager, when no matter what you tried, you’d find your skin misbehaving. With so many influencing factors, sometimes advice from friends and family wasn’t always relevant, leaving you to soldier on the best you could.

Many of us continue this trial-and-error method of skin care well into adulthood, without taking the time to understand the underlying influences of any particular concerns. However, it’s never too late to put your skin first by visiting a Reveal Skin Expert, trained to identify and address a range of issues.

Skin Experts who work with Reveal Skin & Body are all highly qualified skin professionals, having undertaken in-depth training on the science of skin to be able to deliver real results. On top of their qualifications, our Skin Expert technicians have specialized training in IPL, DermaPen and LED Light Therapy. Each Expert also undertakes 20-30 hours of additional training per year. We like to highlight their training with their certificates showcased on our walls. Don’t hesitate to ask your skin care therapist about her background, training, and experience—especially as it relates to the treatment you are considering. 

With our Skin Expert’s in-depth training we recommend a consultation so that they can spend time getting to know your specific skin needs and concerns and recommend the exact line up of treatments and products for all your skin care needs!  The perfect mix of in-spa treatments and home care products can equal real noticeable results that help you love your skin. 
Lastly don’t forget that your skin is you largest and most exposed organ. Don’t forget to invest in it!  

PS. Are you ready to commit to a regular skin care plan? We have created the Simple Skin Care plans to assist you with this. Choose a basic plan, enhanced or advanced and then choose to pay weekly, monthly or total up-front. Great skin and visible results are really that simple. Book a Simple Skin Care Consultation today (Free with treatment or product purchase).