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Never before have young people been under so much pressure to look picture perfect. From selfies to snapchat, social media is awash with glowing complexions, however, for many, the reality speaks of a different story.

Most people at some stage of their life will have had some kind of experience with acne or skin congestion. In fact, it is estimated 85% of Australians’aged 15-24 years old suffer from this skin concern. It is one of the most common skin concerns treated by skin specialists.

Acne Explained

Acne occurs due to an overproduction of sebum in the oil glands. Sebum usually travels through pores and onto the surface of the skin and works to lubricate the skin and hair and protect them from drying out. This condition is more evident during high hormonal periods in a person’s life cycle such as puberty and pregnancy as when hormone levels increase in the body, the skin responds by producing more sebum through its oil glands. The build-up of sebum and an accumulation of thickened skin in pore openings causes blockages, and the excess sebum becomes trapped in pores. This combined with lack of oxygen within the pores, creates an unfavourable environment in which the growth of a bacteria (called P. acnes) is accelerated which leads to the formation of pimples.

At this advanced stage, sebum continues to accumulate within the pore, and oxidises causing further inflammation on the surface of the skin – a process known as lipid oxidation.

Once acne has developed within the skin it can be exacerbated by various extrinsic (external) factors such as;

  • Stress
  • Diet – High GI and high dairy diets can produce inflammation
  • Pollution – smog, chemicals, toxins
  • Free radical damage – oxidation
  • Incorrect skincare products (e.g. oily cosmetic products)

The good news is that these factors can be controlled to help minimise the progression or severity of acne.

Acne Management

Due to the complex nature of acne, a targeted, multi-step approach is needed to ensure the best possible results. 

Ultraceuticals Ultra Clear Skincare System targets the entire acne development cycle, working to help reduce sebum production, clear congestion, control lipid oxidation and soothe irritation leaving the skin feeling clean, refreshed and blemish-free.


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